The brief:
Sky’s bundles are full to the brim with huge amounts of incredible entertainment. Somehow though, this information hasn’t reached the prime-time TV audience. So how do we bring it to their attention?
The strategy:
The bundles had demonstrated their effectiveness in trading, but needed help being heard in a busy prime-time landscape. So while a 360 degree integrated campaign ensured we reached the target audience, cut-through creative made sure people paid attention.
The solution:
To give the bundles leverage, we paired them with a recognisable face. Someone with charm, charisma and relatability. Someone like James Nesbitt. Then, with strong scripts, and engaging print and online executions, we made sure the bundles became big news.
The results:
The results were almost as huge as the Bundle itself. Sky enjoyed double-digit sales increases, on almost 50% less media spend, and intention to purchase levels showed significant growth. A massive success for everyone involved.

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